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Moving homes is a specialist work, it requires not only knowledge and experience, but also trust to the service you hire. You literally hand your belongings to people you have never met before. With our removal services, we do everything we can to ensure that your trust and your furniture are not damaged. Canterbury Removalist Services can be used both by individual homeowners and business owners for the relocation of their homes. Canterbury Removalist comes to you with deals and services that are hard to refuse: tailor-made for your specific needs and priced sensibly to not hurt your budget. We are a productive team while still taking extreme care of your belongings, we are quick but not reckless, and we will deliver your goods to your new home in perfect condition. Size and volume don’t matter to us; we are ready to accept any challenge. Taking control of packing, unpacking, furniture dismantling/reassembly, transportation of merchandise, we are a complete relocation service.

Moving in Belfield made easy

Moving is no fun. You have probably already experienced it several times in your life. All your furniture, household appliances, clothes and the like must come along. You have to go up and down stairs several times with heavy items. Do you live in a flat on a high floor? Then everything becomes even more difficult. If the move and what it requires exceed your capabilities, it is best to call Canterbury Removalist. Canterbury Removalist is happy to help you move your furniture, home appliances and everything else to your new home. We will come to your doorstep with the appropriately sized removalist vehicle and expert removalists. Carrying your heavy furniture is no problem for our personnel. Our experienced employees also know how to handle heavy, bulky or fragile items that have to be delivered to a new location. You can be confident that Canterbury Removalist will carry out your relocation carefully and within the agreed time.

Canterbury Removalist also offers its services for office moves and other types of commercial properties. For such large relocations, a lot has to be planned in advance. Canterbury Removalist specializes in this kind of large removals. We have the necessary equipment and certified personnel in-house. If desired, we arrange for you a temporary storage place for the material to be moved. Storage in a specially conditioned room is no problem for us. We also offer our dear clients interstate moves, long-distance moves have long been part of our services.

  • Full packing service options
  • Fine quality materials
  • Trained accredited staff
  • Modern removalist vehicles
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Free estimates without obligation
  • Corporate moving packages

Good service is very important to us. Your opinion about our service is of crucial importance to us. Based on comments and reactions from our customers, we constantly try to optimize our removal service. Would you like more information? Call or e-mail Canterbury Removalist now!

Honest, Caring Service With Transparent Quotes

To serve you better, we keep our fleet of removalist trucks updated every year. We have removalist vehicles of all sizes from small ones to big trucks. On top of that, all our vehicles are specifically equipped for removalist purposes.


$35 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck1T/ 12-15m³ Truck Size user1 Removalists

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1 Bedroom HOME

$65 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck3.5-4.5T/ 12-20m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2 Bedroom HOME

$75 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck6-8T/ 25-35m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2-3 Bedroom HOME

$85 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck10-12T/ 40-45m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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3-4 Bedroom HOME

$95 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck12-14T/ 50-55m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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4-5 Bedroom HOME

$99 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck16T/ 60-65m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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