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Canterbury Removalist Office Move

Even with small businesses, moving is an extensive undertaking and requires a more detailed and precise elaboration compared to a residential move. If a company’s move is not timely, costly downtime may occur. For a smooth and fast relocation, the perfect organization and professional execution of an office move are of vital importance. Although it is not possible to minimize the downtime of your business to 0, with our help, your business will be up and running as soon as possible. Having years of experience in the field of commercial relocations in and around Canterbury and beyond, we are well versed in the requirements of such complex tasks. So we can carry out the relocation of your company conscientiously, quickly and smoothly. So that everything really works perfectly on the move day, our employees carefully and exactly plan your office move in Canterbury in advance and discuss all necessary details with you, so that you can adjust to the situation in sensible time.

Perfect all-around service for a smooth office move

Whether small, medium or large company, whether a small shop or office, our moving company is a competent and flexible partner for all types of corporate relocations in and around Canterbury. Through careful planning, we can quickly and effectively relocate your office. We also offer packing all company property such as high-quality furniture, folders, heavy books and sensitive technical equipment with the utmost care and transport them undamaged to your new location.

  • a free consultation including the site visit
  • individual support of relocations by a project manager/relocation management
  • exact time schedule for all removals and transports in Canterbury
  • inventory recording
  • loading and transport of your company property
  • packaging service
  • assembly work

We look forward to assisting you in your move to Canterbury. With the right equipment and extensive experience, our specialist staff handles removals of all kinds in Canterbury and the region on time and professionally. Regardless of whether you opt for partial services or we take the complete planning and implementation of the move in Canterbury, we guarantee the best service, transparency, reliability and personal customer care in your company or office relocation.

Our friendly, non-binding consultation service is always available. Do not be afraid to call outside office hours. Good advice and a relocation price comparison are essential for good planning. This, in turn, allows a professional but nevertheless convenient move. Where others compromise in the quality, we offer you a complete all-round service at very reasonable prices and always with our own specialist staff. This is how we ensure a smooth process. All our services are offered to you at affordable rates, including insurance. In this way, you get an excellent price-performance ratio.

Only with a professional service and planning a move can be smooth and stress-free. Depending on how big your move volume and how far the distance between the two offices is, we determine the optimal team of removal helpers for you. This saves you money on the removal costs because effectiveness brings the best value for money.

Honest, Caring Service With Transparent Quotes

To serve you better, we keep our fleet of removalist trucks updated every year. We have removalist vehicles of all sizes from small ones to big trucks. On top of that, all our vehicles are specifically equipped for removalist purposes.


$35 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck1T/ 12-15m³ Truck Size user1 Removalists

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1 Bedroom HOME

$65 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck3.5-4.5T/ 12-20m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2 Bedroom HOME

$75 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck6-8T/ 25-35m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2-3 Bedroom HOME

$85 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck10-12T/ 40-45m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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3-4 Bedroom HOME

$95 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck12-14T/ 50-55m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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4-5 Bedroom HOME

$99 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck16T/ 60-65m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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