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Canterbury Removalist Packaging Services

Safe relocation can only be guaranteed if packaged correctly. So do not bother and leave the packaging to the professionals. Avoid broken pieces, scratches damage to valuables. As a competent moving company, we take over the annoying packing work for you before the move – no matter whether you are moving your home or office. We pack your belongings with suitable packaging material and ensure that it arrives safely and securely at the new destination.

Whether large items such as the dishwasher, the TV or the dresser, or small things such as glasses, frames and dishes – the experts of Canterbury Removalist know how to pack what and guarantee a trouble-free, secure transport your facility. We also advise you on additional insurance of, particularly valuable items.

Packing & Unpacking Services

It would be your first mistake to underestimate the importance of packaging for your move. The packaging of your items is the decisive factor that can either make your move a success or a failure. Some homeowners have had experience of packing before and they choose to do it on their own. Many people don’t have the experience or just can’t allocate the time needed. If for any reason you can’t do your own packing, you can contact Canterbury Removalist and we will do the rest. Our friendly removalists will bring you the most ideal packaging services to ensure your move goes as smooth as planned. There is a wide range of techniques our specialists may use depending on your requirements, call us to arrange a suitable service. We will figure out the best way and pack your belongings quickly, efficiently. Here is what we use for the packing of your items:

  • Portable cardboard wardrobes
  • Book boxes
  • Boxes of different sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Foam fill
  • Protective wraps
  • Bubble wrap
  • Straps
  • Moving blankets

It would be nonsense arguing that packing isn’t an important part of your move, it is the proper packaging that protects your items from scratches, falls, bumps, humidity, mould and many more. Fragile items need even more attention which you can trust us on that. We use different packing materials such as kraft paper, bubble wrap and etc. We will use whatever needed to deliver your valuables safely.

Offering box hire services

Not everyone needs a professional team to pack their items for a move. If you are one of those but don’t have moving boxes, you can get them from us. Simply call us and hire as many boxes you need for your move. They are specifically made for moving purposes and won’t give up under heavy loads. Our boxes are of high quality and won’t need extra taping to make them stronger. Are you after cardboard boxes? We also provide those which will keep your belongings safe and secure in your move as they are made specifically for relocation purposes. 

Packing materials

Canterbury Removalist is always a step ahead of its rivals and brings you the best packing material available on the market. With us, you can expect to see the highest quality packaging because we have no excuses to provide anything less than perfect.

Adhesive Tape

It is hard to imagine a relocation task without the involvement of adhesive tape. They are cheap and reliable – and are used daily in retail and industry as well as by individuals. It has got many kinds and they all come handy when we need them.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is very resistant to tear and is very strong generally. It is brown with a narrow striped image, wood-free and smooth on one side, technically free of chlorine and acid and free of corrosion-promoting components.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of our most favourite packing materials. It is an ideal way of packing fragile items that are more prone to breakages. The bubble wrap and foam film is waterproof and provides protection against external influences such as dust, scratches or moisture.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is made of polymer plastic and will shrink when heat is applied, taking the shape of the item it is used on. It is a unique material because of the strong retracting capacity that makes it easy to set up and protect the objects it contains very well.

Honest, Caring Service With Transparent Quotes

To serve you better, we keep our fleet of removalist trucks updated every year. We have removalist vehicles of all sizes from small ones to big trucks. On top of that, all our vehicles are specifically equipped for removalist purposes.


$35 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck1T/ 12-15m³ Truck Size user1 Removalists

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1 Bedroom HOME

$65 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck3.5-4.5T/ 12-20m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2 Bedroom HOME

$75 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck6-8T/ 25-35m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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2-3 Bedroom HOME

$85 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck10-12T/ 40-45m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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3-4 Bedroom HOME

$95 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck12-14T/ 50-55m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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4-5 Bedroom HOME

$99 Per 1/2 Hour + GST

truck16T/ 60-65m³ Truck Size user2 Removalists

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